Why Have a New Gate Installed on Your Property?

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elegantHomeowners are never excited at the prospect of spending more money on their property, especially when they do not feel it is necessary. It is one thing to ask a homeowner to have a new toilet or sink installed in the bathroom, because they can see how the old fixtures are not doing the job properly anymore. But gates are a little more complicated. No one wants to replace their old gate with a new one unless it is absolutely necessary, because the endeavor costs money and does not come across as a necessary purchase.

But if homeowners had all the facts, they may feel a little differently about the prospect of replacing their older gate with an updated model. In fact, many studies have shown there are tangible and real benefits associated with having an automated gate installed on a residential property, and we can go over some of these benefits:

  1. Safety for Residents

When we advise homeowners to speak with a gate installation company in San Diego, we are not doing it so the homeowner can get a shiny new gate at the front of their property. We advise them to get a new gate installed because automatic gates are far safer than manual ones. Even if you have a lock on your manual gate that you put on at night, locks are not hard to break. And if you are out of town for a few days, your home may be vulnerable to burglars. In contrast, an automatic gate only opens when the right combination is entered, which no burglar will have access to. Even if they try their best, no one is getting past an automatic gate and onto your property.


  1. Ease of Access

One of the underrated reasons why you should consult with a company that provides a gate installation service in San Diego is because of the comforts associated with having an automatic gate. If you drive to work each day, it also means you come back home each evening. That means you have to open up your gate at least two times, and close it at least another two times. Why get up and out of your car to open or close your gate, when you could do it with a remote that resting in the palm of your hand? Automatic gates are so easy to use, while they open and shut in an instant.

  1. Home Value

If you have ever thought about selling your property in the future, you will probably be interested to learn about anything that could increase your home’s value. And an automatic gate is certainly one way to bring your house’s price up. Home buyers are always more likely to buy a home, and pay a higher price for the privilege, if they see a new, automatic gate at the front of the house. It indicates security, stability, an upper class neighborhood and stylishness. When you spend money on a gate upgrade, you are recouping some of the investment through your home’s higher value.